SOL 25 Plus Flat Plate Solar Collector. Harvest the Power of the Sun.


SOL 25 Plus

House with panels
Low profile panels allow for attractive
and versatile installation options

» Residential water heating

» Commercial water heating

» Space heating

» Swimming pools

30 years of solar panel experience

Maximum efficiencies.
The SOL 25 PLUS is a highly efficient thermal collector. The net absorber surface of almost 28 sq feet results in a maximum output of 30,000 btu/clear day per panel. The SOL 25 PLUS also offers features such as a high selective absorber coating, low-iron, tempered solar glazing, and very effective insulation around the absorber plate. The internal fluid tubes are copper.
  Appealing design
The SOL 25 PLUS has less depth than other panels, making it visually less obtrusive and compatable with existing architectural designs.

Installation time is minimized.
The large panel size and the availability of a full complement of custom designed mounting accessories minimizes the installation costs.

Lasting and reliable energy saving investments.

Stiebel Eltron uses only the most durable materials. The SOL 25 PLUS is the culmination of over 30 years of experience in the solar thermal business.
  Typical SOL 25 installation diagram
SOL 25 Plus is capable of providing the
majority of a household's hot water

Energy Star SRCC OG-100 Certified ISO 9001 Certified ISO 9806 Coimpliant
Ten-year limited warranty