Tankless Sizing Guides

Tankless, often called “on-demand” or “instantaneous,” water heaters differ from tank water heaters. If you are considering buying one it’s important to choose the right model and size. With a tank water heater you can turn on one fixture, then another, and so on. Hot water flows from each fixture—until the tank runs out. Then there’s no hot water anywhere until the tank recovers. With a tankless water heater, turn on a fixture and the hot water never runs out. But turn on too many fixtures and it cannot keep up. Choosing the right tankless water heater means knowing how many fixtures must run at the same time. Then, hot water is truly endless.

Our sizing guides help you determine which model is right for you. Watch the videos below to learn how to choose the correct model. After that, view our Sizing Guide PDFs below, which offer further guidance on choosing an appropriate tankless model for your application.

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