Water Heating

Innovative, efficient water heating products have always been the cornerstone of Stiebel Eltron over our 90+ year history. From Dr. Theodor Stiebel's simple immersion ring heater that started it all in 1924, to today's digital tankless electric and heat pump water heaters, our passion for engineering and manufacturing excellence and technological innovation drives us to produce the best products available. Stiebel Eltron offers a variety of water heating solutions designed to keep you comfortable, plus save you money and energy at the same time! More info...

The Next Big Thing for today's households. Advanced technology, unique features, energy saving performance, and compact design. Superb choice for a booster heater.

Introducing the finest tankless electric water heater available. Featuring advanced microprocessor control, now more flexible and powerful than ever! Superb choice for a booster heater.

Simply the best point-of-use tankless electric water heater. Unlimited hot water and reliability in a hydro-mechanical unit.

NEW Mini-E thermostatically controlled models deliver code-compliant warm water for handwashing. Small, stylish, and reliable - the Mini-E series brings impressive performance in a compact point-of-use package. Made in Germany.

Small, stylish, and reliable - the new Mini series brings impressive performance in a compact point-of-use package. Made in Germany.

Tankless water heater accessories from Stiebel Eltron offer protection and ease of maintenance.

Lightweight and compact, the SHC can be used in most point-of-use applications for hand wash and kitchen sinks. Just plug it in!

MegaBoost makes your hot water tank perform like it’s twice as large!

For over 35 years we’ve been manufacturing heat pumps. We don’t do it like the others. We do it better. Our heat pump water heaters are designed from the ground up to rely on the heat pump, not on the back-up element. We don’t call the Accelera® heat pump water heaters “hybrids.” They’re not.

Stiebel Eltron has been designing solar thermal systems for 40 years. Because every installation is different, we have a full line of SOLkits, mounting hardware, and the individual components necessary for solar thermal installations. We are committed to making and supplying the best solar thermal components available.

Integrate these efficient single- or dual-coil tanks with any existing hydronic boiler system, or as part of a solar thermal or geothermal application, to create an economical hot water solution!

SB-E tanks feature a large single coil heat exchanger, and an integral 3.0 kW backup heating element, making them solar-ready, or ideal for geothermal or other hydronic applications.