HSBC 300 Integral Tank/System

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HSBC 300 Integral
72 gal. (270 l) DHW tank
26 gal. (100 l) buffer tank
WPM heat pump & system controller

  •  All-in-One Control & Tank System
  •  WPM controller manages heat pump operation as well as the heating, cooling, & DHW system
  •  Integrated variable speed heat pump circulator and up to two heating zone circulators
  •  Includes diverter valve and sensors
  •  Automatically adjusts loading from DHW to heating, with priority on DHW operation


HSBC 300 Integral

The HSBC 300 Integral single appliance, all-in-one solution for WPL installation is suitable for both new construction or system modernization in existing structures. The HSBC simplifies hydronic connection in heating systems, as the heat pump and heating circuit flows are separated by means of an integral buffer tank. This means that it can be used in different heat distribution systems. It is configured for the optional addition of another heating circuit.

WPL & HSBC connection diagram

Space-saving installation with an all-in-one appliance

HSBC 300 Integral installation

The HSBC comprises a 72 gal. (270 l) DHW tank, a 26 gal. (100 l) buffer tank, and all piping and pumps necessary for WPL operation. The face of the HSBC also conveniently houses the WPM Controller, which is the heat manager for the system, controlling the WPL heat pump operation as well as the heating, cooling, & domestic hot water system. The WPM controller is preprogrammed for fast system commissioning. Though the WPL can be used with other tanks, using the HSBC simplifies installation and frees up valuable floor space, saving almost half the space required if separate tanks were used.

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Hydronic connection to tank, not refrigerant

The WPL refrigerant circuit uses R410A and is hermetically sealed then rigorously tested for leaks at the factory. The WPL heat pump circuit is completely self-contained. Connection between the WPL and the HSBC is hydronic using a glycol solution. No HVAC technicians are required during installation.

Full tank recovery time WPL 25 & HSBC 300 Integral

HSBC labeled unit

Designed with superior components

The porcelain-enamel coated steel DHW tank is equipped with an internal indirect, large-area heat exchanger coil for high DHW demand. A magnesium signal anode provides additional corrosion protection. The two tanks are installed space-efficiently one above the other. Both have practical, recessed grips for easy handling, and they can be transported separately. HSBC can be used for cooling via area heating system or fan convectors (condensation resistance).

Second heating zone

The HSBC is capable of heating a second zone with the addition of the HSBC 3-HKM accessory. A circulator and mixing valve are included in the accessory which senses return temperature and mixes heating water to the desired setpoint for lower temperature heat emitters than the first heating zone.

Buffer tank & controller required

The HSBC includes a buffer tank and a WPM heat pump system controller. If a WPL is installed without an HSBC, then a buffer tank is required to be installed. Buffer tank size needs to be at least 25 gallons per WPL unit installed.

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A standalone WPM heat pump controller will also need to be installed if an HSBC is not part of the system.

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