SBB Domestic Hot Water Tanks for Solar, Geothermal or Hydronic Applications



  •  Heavy gauge steel with porcelain enamel coating
  •  Superb quality results in long service life
  •  Fitted with one or two large heat exchangers
  •  Sacrificial anode rod
  •  Up to 3˝ R-21 urethane foam insulation for low standby heat loss
  •  Large clean out port for ease of maintenance
  •  Backed by a 10-year limited warranty
  •  New SB-E model with integral backup element


Engineering & Manufacturing Excellence - Over 90 Years of German Technology

Tanks being porcelain-fired at Stiebel Eltron’s factory in Holzminden, Germany
Tanks being porcelain-fired at Stiebel Eltron’s factory in Holzminden, Germany

All Stiebel Eltron SBB/SB-E series tanks are made in our factories in Germany and Slovakia. They can be used in residential or commercial installations as indirectly-fired domestic hot water storage tanks in conjunction with any type of boiler, geothermal, or solar hot water application.

The vessels and heat exchangers in SBB/SB-E tanks are made from heavy gauge steel. All surfaces in contact with domestic hot water receive a thick ­porcelain enamel coating after shot-peening to clean the steel surface. In addition, vessel exteriors receive a light porcelain coating. Up to three inches of urethane foam insulation ensures that hot water stays hot, and standby heat loss is minimized. All SBB/SB-E tanks come with heavy-duty sacrificial anodes and visible anode wear indicators. SBB/SB-E tanks are also fitted with an extra-large clean-out port for ease of maintenance.

Stiebel Eltron SBB series tanks are equipped with either one or two large-bore heat exchangers, designed to maximize heat transfer. For solar thermal applications, an SBB tank can be used with an external backup heater, or an SB-E tank with its integral electric element can be used. Dual heat exchanger models are typically used in solar thermal applications by connecting the lower coil to the collector array, and the upper coil connected to any type of boiler for backup heat input or as a takeoff for a radiant heating loop.

New SB-E Tanks with Single Heat Exchanger and Electric Element

Features Include:

  •  Solar-ready
  •  Powder-coated steel outer jacket
  •  Standard junction box for electrical connection
  •  All connections are NPT
  •  Two auxiliary ports
  •  Sleeved heating element can be replaced without draining tank