Advanced Flow Control

Advanced Flow Control for Consistently Hot Showers

With a Tempra® tankless electric water heater, you’ll enjoy hot water all the time, every time. Our patented Advanced Flow Control technology means you never have to worry about a sudden cold shower no matter how many faucets or showers are in use. It’s designed with a family’s entire home in mind. Other tankless electric water heaters can’t meet the demand when multiple faucets are used at once.

This suddenly lowers the temperature below your defined point, creating cold showers. Once this occurs, the only way to return the temperature to your preferred level is by turning off other faucets or showers, and then waiting.

With a Stiebel Eltron Tempra, Advanced Flow Control senses when additional faucets are opened, then slightly varies the flow rate, without changing temperature. This allows your water heater to maintain the set temperature without interruption across every single faucet or shower you may have in use at once. No other manufacturer offers anything like it.

A Tradition of Innovation

Invented in Germany more than 50 years ago and constantly improved, Advanced Flow Control comes standard in all Tempra® Plus models, our top-selling units. We do this all while delivering 99% energy efficiency, so you can enjoy maximum comfort and maximum savings.

With Advanced Flow Control from Stiebel Eltron, you have hot water all the time, every time.

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