Accessories for Tankless Water Heaters



  •  Simplify maintenance
  •  Maintain performance
  •  Protect your investment

Scale TAC-ler Plus Water Conditioner

  •  Salt-free water conditioner compatible with all tankless and conventional tank-style water heaters
  •  Most effective of all non-salt water conditioners at preventing mineral scale
  •  Nothing reduces water heater efficiency more than mineral scale

Flow-aide® Descaling Kit

  •  Removes mineral scale
  •  Restores lost performance

Isolation Valve Kit

  •  Lead-free construction
  •  ¾″ NPT connections
  •  Includes inlet & outlet isolating valves & pressure relief valve


Tankless water heater accessories from Stiebel Eltron offer protection and ease of maintenance.

Scale TAC-ler Plus

Scale TAC-ler Plus and filter cartridge

Scale TAC-ler Plus water conditioner is compatible with all tankless and conventional tank-style water heaters. Scale TAC-ler Plus is installed on the cold water inlet of the water heater, where it treats the water entering the water heater. It  will provide protection for flow rates up to 6 gallons per minute.

Hard water mineral scale accumulating on heating elements slowly reduces performance. It affects both heat transfer and water pressure. Preventing mineral scale formation ensures your water heater’s optimal performance, increasing service life, and possible preventing premature failure.

If water hardness exceeds 7 grains per gallon (gpg) or 120 mg/l (ppm) hard water treatment should be considered. If hardness exceeds 12 gpg or 200 mg/l (ppm), treatment is strongly recommended. Water heaters with existing mineral scale build-up should be treated with the Flow-Aide de-scaling system to restore original performance. Scale TAC-ler Plus will prevent future mineral build-up.

Scale TACler treated vs untreated coil comparison

  •  Protects from harmful hard water scale
  •  Protects manufacturer's warranty coverage
  •  Protects equipment investment
  •  Ensures optimal performance and efficiency
  •  Maintains water pressure and flow rates
  •  Does not add chemicals to the water
  •  Does not change the taste, smell, or feel of the water
  •  Environmentally friendly
  •  Simple installation
  •  No daily maintenance
  •  No salt, backwashing, chemical regeneration, or brine discharge
  •  Does not remove beneficial minerals
  •  Ideal for all tankless or tank-type water heaters
  •  Built-in sediment pre-filter

Scale-TACler Plus with Premium Installation Kit and isolation valve diagram with Tempra tankless water heater

How it works

Scale TAC-ler Plus salt-free water conditioners use a specialized polymeric bead medium that serves as a catalyst for the formation of calcium and magnesium carbonate nano-crystals. Instead of forming hard mineral scale on surfaces, these microscopic crystals of calcium and magnesium carbonate remain suspended in solution and pass through to the drain. This process is called Template Assisted Crystallization, or “TAC.” A university study determined that TAC technology was the most effective of all non-salt water conditioners at preventing mineral scale, with reduction levels consistently in excess of 90%. TAC technology passes the German DVGW W512 standard for water treatment.

Flow-aide Descaling Kit

Flow-aide Descaling Kit

If a tankless water heater has lost performance due to hard water mineral deposits, our Flow-aide tankless descaling kit offers the answer. Featuring a biodegradable descaling solution and submersible pump for easy operation, the Flow-aide descaling kit may also be used as routine preventative maintenance or as part of a complete system with the Scale TACler water conditioner. Flow-Aide fluid is available by the quart as a refill kit.

  •  Lead-free construction
  •  ¾″ NPT connections for easy use

Isolation Valve Kit

Isolation valve kit

Isolating valves make it easy to service a tankless electric water heater and clean the cold water inlet filter screen. Our kit puts all the components needed in an easy-to-install package. Pressure relief valve is included for use in unique situations but are not required for most tankless water heater installations.

  •  Lead-free construction
  •  ¾" NPT connections
  •  Includes inlet & outlet isolating valves & pressure relief valve