SBP Buffer Tanks & Accessories

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  •  A highly efficient SBP buffer tank is recommended  for WPL installation if the HSBC is not installed
  •  SBP buffer tanks provide hydraulic separation between the heat pump flow and heating circuit flow
  •  WPL mounting hardware and accessories help with installation needs


SBP 200-400 E, SBP 100 Plus buffer tanks

SBP 100 Plus & SBP 200/400 E Buffer Tanks

Buffer tank required

If a WPL is installed without the HSBC with its integrated buffer tank, then a buffer tank is required to be installed. We recommend these Stiebel Eltron tanks: the SBP 100 Plus, 26 gallon (100 liter); the SBP 200 E, 53 gallon (200 liter); or the SBP 400 E, 106 gallon (400 liter).

WPL installation with SBP buffer tank
WPL installation without HSBC requires a buffer tank, indirect tank, and stand-alone WPM system controller


Mounting hardware

WPL mounting hardware SK1 T-mount rack WK2 Wall-mount rack


The HSBC 3-HKM accessory adds a second heating zone to the HSBC:
HSBC 3 HKM 2 Zone Diagram

AS-WP Connection Set

AS-WP copper tubes push right into quick-connect fittings - hood covers electrical and pipe entry

List of Accessories

SK1 / WK2 Mounting Hardware
WPL installation is recommended with our SK 1 T-mount rack or WK 2 Wall-mount rack. These racks elevate the WPL off the ground. Installation on a pad foundation is not recommended in areas with snow build up. Other important mounting considerations include requirements for air intake and outlet and proximity to salt water. All are detailed in the installation manual which should be consulted before siting.
WPL mounting hardware SK1 and WK2
AS-WP Connection Set
The AS-WP Connection Set for the WPL uses quick-connect fittings that accept copper tubes with a simple push connection. It includes a hood to cover the electrical and pipe connections to the WPL.
AS-WP Connection Set
RBS-SBC integral is an optional accessory pipe assembly for the HSBC that routes the cold water inlet, DHW outlet, and DHW recirculation outlets from the back up to the outside top of the tank.
RBS-SBC pipe assembly
The HSBC 3-HKM accessory adds a second heating zone to the HSBC. A circulator and mixing valve are included in the accessory which senses return temperature and mixes heating water to the desired setpoint for lower temperature heat emitters than the first heating zone.
HSBC 3-HKM second heating zone
The AF PT is an outdoor ambient Pt1000 temperature sensor for surface mounting installation. It is supplied without a cable. It a necessary component to enable WPL outdoor reset operation.
AF PT outdoor ambient Pt1000 temperature sensor
The TAF PT 2m is an immersion well or pipe-mount Pt1000 temperature sensor.
TAF PT 2m immersion Pt1000 temperature sensor
The HZB-2 is a condensate cable strip heater for use in preventing the condensate tube from freezing.
HBZ-2 condensate cable strip heater
FV-4M1 is an automatic air vent for buffer tanks.
FV-4M1 automatic air vent