WPL Controllers

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  •  WPM heat pump system controller comes pre-programmed for quick WPL commissioning
  •  WPE controller adds multiple functions including control of up to 6 WPL units in parallel
  •  FET controller adds remote control functionality


WPM Controller

WPM Controller for WPL Heat Pupms

The WPM heat pump manager controls the heating, cooling, and domestic hot water operation of the WPL heat pump. The HSBC 300 Integral houses the WPM controller internally, with the interface conveniently available in the face of the housing. A stand-alone WPM controller is needed if the WPL is installed in a system without the HSBC or if more than one WPL heat pump will be installed. The WPM prioritizes DHW heating and will automatically adjust to the heating circuits when required. The WPM is a highly programmable controller and comes pre-programmed with factory-set default parameters for quick initial start-up. Software updates are input with an SD card.

Operational versatility

The standalone WPM heat pump manager controls up to two WPL heat pumps and up to three heating circuits (two with mixers). Direct connection of high efficiency circulation pumps is possible via relay outputs or PWM outputs.

Multiple WPL units in parallel

The integrated WPM in the HSBC is capable of operating up to two WPL heat pumps. With the addition of a WPE controller, up to 6 WPL heat pumps can be operated in a unified system.

Installation versatility

The well-designed cable layout ensures easy connection for the installer. The WPM also provides a fault contact for external indication of system faults. A drip-proof wall mounted enclosure with large installation area provides sufficient space for the electrical connections and other components. There are 3 immersion well/pipe-mount sensors and 1 outdoor temperature sensor included in the standard package. Additional functions include screed drying program, DHW circulation pump management, PWM circulation pump management.


The WPM operates the heating system in continuous operation mode, or in a second operating mode that fixes the buffer temperature. The buffer temperatures can be set from 68°F to 158°F in fixed temperature operation, and the main circulator will be operating at maximum capacity. In outdoor reset operation, the buffer set temperature varies on the outdoor temperature. The rise of the heating curve is set based on the design heating temperature and the type of heat emitters used in the system.

WPE Controller

WPE Heat Pump Extension Controller

The WPE heat pump extension adds numerous functions to the WPM heat pump manager.

It offers two additional heating circuits with mixers, a swimming pool controller, parallel heat pump control for up to six heat pumps. Two additional 0-10 V interfaces, a differential controller and switching outputs are also available. The WPE is installed to the right or left of the WPM and is connected to the WPM power supply and via the data bus. The module’s additional functions can be set via the display of the WPM. Electrical installation is straightforward using RAST 5 connector technology. Three immersion well/pipe-mount sensors are included in the standard delivery.

FET Controller

FET Remote Controller

The FET digital remote control adds thermostatic function for the WPM heat pump manager to conveniently control each of the 5 heating zone circuits in the WPM system. The remote control measures the relative humidity and room temperature. Data link is via the system bus. The illuminated graphic display shows time, room temperature and room humidity, along with outside temperature. Convenient touch-wheel operation makes it simple to adjust the comfort temperature, achieve energy savings with the selectable eco function, or activating a DHW charging process.