CON Premium Wall-Mounted Convection Heaters



  •  Natural convection silently provides draft-free heating without a fan
  •  Electronic digital control with illuminated display conveniently located on front includes easy temperature setting, and access to the full feature set
  •  Surface-mounted design installs easily on face of wall without requiring a recess
  •  Modern and sophisticated slim-line design is an attractive and effective solution to heat a room in old or new construction, or be a space-saving alternative for traditional baseboard heaters
  •  Thick aluminum face stays cool
  •  High quality stainless steel heating tube with steel lamellas for efficiency and longevity
  •  Separate on/off switch completely turns heater off


Stylish and silent

CON 300-2 Premium Lifestyle Image

The sophisticated surface-mount CON Premium uses natural convection for silent draft-free heat without a fan. Designed and made in Germany, this quiet convection heater quickly warms an area or maintains a comfortable temperature. The thick aluminum face stays cool to the touch. Perfect for both retrofit and new construction, the European design heats a space evenly and silently.

Easy, flexible installation

CON Premium heaters easily replace older flush-mount or baseboard heaters. They are ideal for bathrooms, basements, offices, playrooms, 3-season porches, cabins, campers or RVs, and mobile homes. CON Premium models should not be used with external thermostats.

Full digital control

CON Premium Backlit Digital Display

The electronic digital control with illuminated display includes a programmable timer with 3 presets, a variable timer for booster heating of up to 120 minutes, open window detection for energy savings, and a child protection mode to lock controls. A self-learning program in timer mode will pre-heat the room so the desired room temperature is achieved at the programmed time not after.

The frost-protection setting will maintain above-freezing temperatures in an appropriately sized space.

CON Premium user interface video tutorials

Note: The positioning of buttons relative to the display screen may differ slightly than shown. All the information shown on the display screen, and how the buttons work are exactly the same.

CON Premium user interface overview


Setting the date and time

In order to use the timer functions of the heater, the date and time need to be set first.


Setting Comfort Mode and Night Mode temperatures

Note: Night Mode is called "Setback mode" in this video. Night/setback Mode is the lower temperature part of a timer heating program. Comfort Mode is the higher temperature daytime part of a timer heating program. You may customize both your desired Comfort Mode (warmer temperature) and Night Mode (cooler temperature) settings. These selected temperatures will then be used when running any of the timer preset programs.


Choosing your heating timer preset program

Using a timer preset like "Pro1" in your home will save money and increase comfort by lowering the heater temperature automatically each night. Preset timer "Pro2" is designed for use in an office. In addition to turning the heater down each night, "Pro2" keeps the heater in Night Mode all weekend to maximize energy savings and avoid heating a space where people aren't present. "Pro3" is a totally user-customizable timer program. You can set the start and stop times for Comfort Mode and Night Mode individually for each day of the week.


Customizing Timer Program 1 (Pro1) and Program 2 (Pro2)

By default, Comfort Mode runs from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm each day. Night mode then runs from 10:00 pm to 8:00 am the next day. These start and stop times are easily changed in "Pro1" and "Pro 2" if desired.


Creating a custom timer program (Pro3)

Timer program "Pro3" allows you to set Comfort and Night Mode start and stop times separately for every day of the week.