CON Premium Wall-Mounted Convection Heaters


  •  Natural convection silently provides draft-free heating without a fan
  •  Electronic digital control with illuminated display conveniently located on front includes easy temperature setting, and access to the full feature set
  •  Surface-mounted design installs easily on face of wall without requiring a recess
  •  Modern and sophisticated slim-line design is an attractive and effective solution to heat a room in old or new construction, or be a space-saving alternative for traditional baseboard heaters
  •  Thick aluminum face stays cool
  •  High quality stainless steel heating tube with steel lamellas for efficiency and longevity
  •  Separate on/off switch completely turns heater off


Stylish and silent

CON 300-2 Premium Lifestyle Image

The sophisticated surface-mount CON Premium uses natural convection for silent draft-free heat without a fan. Designed and made in Germany, this quiet convection heater quickly warms an area or maintains a comfortable temperature. The thick aluminum face stays cool to the touch. Perfect for both retrofit and new construction, the European design heats a space evenly and silently.

Easy, flexible installation

CON Premium heaters easily replace older flush-mount or baseboard heaters. They are ideal for bathrooms, basements, offices, playrooms, 3-season porches, cabins, campers or RVs, and mobile homes.

Full digital control

CON Premium Backlit Digital Display

The electronic digital control with illuminated display includes a programmable timer with 3 presets, a variable timer for booster heating of up to 120 minutes, open window detection for energy savings, and a child protection mode to lock controls. A self-learning program in timer mode will pre-heat the room so the desired room temperature is achieved at the programmed time not after.

The frost-protection setting will maintain above-freezing temperatures in an appropriately sized space.