CF Series Electromechanical General Purpose Water Heaters


  •  12 – 144 kW (40,944 – 491,300 Btus)
  •  0 – 50 gpm (0 – 189.3 l) flow range
  •  3-phase 208, 240, 480 Delta or Wye, 575 V
  •  NEMA 3 enclosure standard
  •  Two overtemp protections
  •  316L Stainless Steel heat exchangers
  •  840 Incoloy sheathing material for the elements
  •  Fixed temperature output determined by thermostat
  •  Output temperature range 90 – 200 °F
  •  Freeze protection standard
  •  ETL and cETL certified to UL and CSA Standards


CF Series models are a low technology, reliable way to heat water. They are electromechanical and heat water based on the temperature measured by a thermostat as the water/fluid passes the element. CF Series models are accurate to ±7 degrees F at low flow rates. They are more accurate at higher flow rates, and larger CF models are more accurate than smaller models. 12 – 144 kW models available in 3-phase 208, 240, 480 Delta or Wye, 575 V.


  •  No ramp up time as the first drop of water from the unit is at temperature, activates on demand but stays hot without flow ensuring immediate hot water on demand
  •  Minimal working parts provides a long mean time to failure
  •  Air relief system and unique water flow make this unit more reliable than other tankless units
  •  Individually fused elements
  •  Multiple individual circuits in units keep the customer from being out of service if one circuit fails
  •  Fixed output temperatures with numerous selections available
  •  Stainless steel heat exchangers
  •  ¾″ In/Out piping and valves included
  •  Minimal pressure drop
  •  Recirculation systems add to the usable volume
  •  Certified to CSA STD E60335-2-35
  •  Conforms to UL 499
  •  Models CF 48 – 144 are ANSI Z 358.1 compliant with the use of a mixing valve
  •  All machining, welding, assembly, and testing done in Sarasota, Florida
  •  Each unit is tested at full and partial load amp draw to ensure measurement accuracy and proper operation
  •  Easily serviced on site


  •  NEMA 4 and 4X (Stainless Steel) enclosures
  •  Emergency kill switch (requires NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure)
  •  1″ and 1 1/4″ In/Out piping and valves available, depending on model
  •  Flow switch assures water flow through the unit before the it will heat, thus providing extra protection against supply shut offs
  •  Electronic temperature control allows user to adjust the system temperature in recirculating systems
  •  Indicator lights show which elements are on at any time
  •  Purge system for Class 1 Division 2 applications (requires NEMA 4 or 4X enclosure)